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Unlock your potential with Procestimal - the affordable, flexible and modular Lean e-learning platform on a subscription basis (Six Sigma will be added soon). Start your free trial today and discover it yourself.

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Get straight to the point with flexible, just-in-time and just enough training to get you certified in no time. No matter how busy your life may be, this Lean training fits into it.

IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Boost your career with
3rd party Lean certification

Be sure to earn a Lean certificate that has real value by taking IASSC's online exam after having completed your training with us. Nothing beats the value of independent 3rd party certification.


Affordable & convenient

Elevate your career with our lean e-learnings without breaking the bank. All content is available on a unique subscription basis for only €9.99/mo. Get started risk-free with a free trial month.

Flexible and modular

Personalized learning at your own pace

Take control of your learning journey with flexible and modular online training that fits your schedule. Not interested in certification but just in solving real-life issues? Our roadmaps will show you where to start improving.

The Lean belts levels

Lean uses a martial arts-style system of colored belts to indicate the level of complexity. We offer you just one simple €9.99/mo subscription that covers all modules to get you to whatever level you want to.

Lean Yellow Belt
Lean Yellow Belt

Level 1

Enables you to be a good team member in Lean improvement efforts. Also called Lean Practitioner by IASSC.

Lean Green Belt
Lean Green Belt

Level 2

Enabling you to be a project leader of limited Lean improvement efforts. Also called Lean Leader by IASSC.

Lean Black Belt
Lean Black Belt

Level 3

Enabling you to be a project leader of complex Lean improvement efforts. Also called Lean Expert by IASSC.

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